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Pros and Cons of Managed and Unmanaged WordPress Hosting

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When searching for a web host for your business website and e-mails, usually people see the specifications and prices for WordPress Hosting Servers both managed and unmanaged. If all you need is a small hosting account for your business on a shared server, these options do not apply; but if your website requires its own dedicated server, is an important choice to make. Price should not be the main concern, as the less expensive unmanaged hosting can be a false business strategy over time.

The purpose of this article, therefore, is to help the reader navigate the various options in order to make an informed choice and appropriate to their expectations. But first things first and, first of all, let’s do some clarity of presentation – in a nutshell – the various types of solutions to which you can navigate.

virtual servers

Shared Hosting

The shared hosting or Unmanaged WordPress Hosting is, of course, the most common service used for the development of an online website. This service, in practice, is in the hiring of a portion of a web server that is allocated hundreds (or thousands) of other sites with which we share, for better or for worse, the resources of the system.


  • Low costs
  • Don’t require any technical skills
  • Very easy to use


  • Insecure
  • Performance is not guaranteed
  • Restricted possibility of customization
  • Not suitable for high traffic sites that develop or require large computational resources

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Dedicated Server

The dedicated server (in its various forms) has always been the most common alternative to hosting traditional. Until some time ago, in fact, those who had a need for a quality service for your website was obliged to move towards a solution of housing.

Once you buy the Managed WordPress Hosting servers and software and configuring the environment was necessary to contract for its connection to the network and possibly for its maintenance and updating.

guide to WordPress Webhosting


  • High performance
  • High customization possibilities
  • Higher levels of security compared to shared hosting
  • Suitable for high-traffic sites or those that require high levels of performance and reliability


  • High cost for the purchase or rental of hardware and software
  • It requires systems skills or, alternatively, additional costs for the subscription of a service managed
  • Robust construction and difficult to scale
  • Longer activation time

Virtual Server

In practice, as in the shared hosting, the system is shared among multiple guests but, unlike the latter, the hardware resources are fractionated with extreme precision, ensuring each customer dedicated resources and a stand-alone environment and, as such, completely impervious to the vicissitudes of the other systems maintained by the virtualization engine.


  • High performance and customization possibilities
  • Higher levels of security compared to shared hosting
  • No cost for the purchase and / or maintenance of computer hardware
  • Suitable for high-traffic sites or those that require high levels of performance and reliability


  • It requires systems skills or, alternatively, the suffering of the cost to subscribe to a service managed
  • Robust construction and difficult to scale
  • Activation times not immediate

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Best features of Hostgator Hosting

Category : Hostgator Hosting

Hostgator, established in 2002 is among one of the top web hosting companies and continually ranked the most preferred service provider in web hosting review sites. Hostgator web hosting packages are quite reasonable and you can also cut costs by making the most of discounts, coupons and promo offers that are available on various web hosting websites. Now, let’s outline the reasons why Hostgator hosting is available at such low prices without compromising the quality of services. Also this article is about Hostgator hosting which includes basic functionality, service and support options offered as part of Hostgator web hosting.


Web Hosting Services Hostgator provides:

  • Website Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting Type
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Domain Names
  • Application Hosting
  • Windows Hosting

HostGator is probably the fastest growing non-public companies in the United States as indicated by Inc. Magazine recently.
This growth rate is the proof of their commitment to customer acquisition and also their maintenance. From the exceptional service for the best price to value the strength of a team of support, HostGator does everything possible on earth to carry out their story fantastic progress. As they grow, they are able to help save all their customers money due to economies of scale and provide additional resources for things like research, development and experimentation that lead to new and better ways to do so things. By transferring these financial savings to the customers, are able to keep on their tracks growth.

Key Features of Hostgator Hosting

  • Infinite Hard disk space and bandwidth data transfer
  • Flexible, Easy to Use Control Panel
  • Endless Sub Domains, FTP Accounts, and Email Accounts
  • 9% Up -time warranty
  • No contract, 45 day cash back guarantee
  • Safe Harbor Certification

Hostgator uses Cpanel highly preferred, which is the best user interface available on the market today. Inside the Cpanel you can install any open source script, no problem at all and it’s possible to set the platforms WordPress, Joomla, Drupal with ease. In addition, Hostgator provides support for PHP 4 and 5, Cron Jobs, SSH, Python, Ruby on Rails and others. Yet another excellent reward you receive with Hostgator hosting is that you get an unlimited number of POP3 accounts is a shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS or a dedicated server plan.

Bonus Features of Hostgator Hosting

  • Absolutely Free SiteBuilder and SiteStudio Website Development Tools
  • 4500 Themes and Templates Free Website
  • Free Website Transfer, Domain Transfer, MySQL Database Transfer, Transfer Scripts
  • 52 free of charge scripts that can be instantly set up your account with just a few mouse clicks
  • $ 100 in Google Adwords Credit

HostGator customers make use of a network system the best in the world to run their websites and thereby ensure maximum uptime. Hostgator uses world-class data centre featuring cutting edge of security, power, and protection and cooling systems – all of which are specially developed to ensure that services continue to be uninterrupted. HostGator system administrators keep track of all web servers around the clock, seven days a week. Servers are monitored and concerns are acted before they become critical.


HostGator has characteristics that provide to both individuals who are designing their first website and those who have web hosting experience. HostGator’s hosting packages bring unassailable value with unconstrained hosting capabilities.